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Sam Adams Plans Brewery Expansion

Jan 20, 2005 - Boston Brewing Co. has confirmed that the company will move forward with a

$7 million expansion of its Cincinnati brewery. The brewer expects the

project to be completed by September, expanding the brewery's capacity to

two-thirds of the company's annual production, from 600,000 barrels to


Boston Brewing currently splits production of the Sam Adam's beers between

its Cincinnati brewery and other brewers who make the beer under contract.

The company hasn't released an estimate on how much additional staff it will

hire, but it will be running a three-shift, 24-hour operation. The brewery,

the last of its kind in Cincinnati, was once home to the Hudepohl-Schoenling

brand before being acquired by Boston Brewing seven years ago. Boston

Brewing founder Jim Koch also noted a full-circle family connection with the

brewery, as his father had served as an apprentice brewmaster at the site.


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