New High Alpha Hop

New dwarf variety, ‘Summit’ weighs in at 17-19% alpha

Appropriately named, a new hop variety called “Summit” was recently released by Brewer Supply Group. The hop boosts alpha acid values between 17-19%. A new concept to the U.S. hop industry, Summit is a dwarf variety grown using a low-trellis system. Because dwarf hops are picked gently in the field, as opposed to their taller cousins which must be cut and transported, dwarf varieties are of the highest quality.

Recent trials have discovered strong orange and tangerine citrus notes in its flavor. Ideally suited for brewing American style IPA’s and Double IPA, Summit is an excellent bittering hop. Cohumulone levels are low at 25-28% of alpha.

The 2005 Summit hop harvest has been pelletized can be ordered from Brewers Supply Group. For more ibformation;


  1. MikeJordan says

    Wondering if any brewer’s out there have used this new variety. It sounds like a Simcoe hop juiced up on steroids! Any opinions?


  2. theburden says

    The next double IPA batch we make here at flossmoor will be 100% dwarf hops. We’ll let you know when it’s done.

  3. RaySherwood says

    We received a sample from BSG, and out of the box it smells a bit like Columbus, citrusy and pungent. Haven’t used it yet, but we’ll be doing a little expirementing in the next few weeks.


  4. MikeJordan says

    Thanks guys. I look forward to hearing how the beer turned out and your opinion on Summit hops.

  5. theburden says

    We should be putting our IPA on tap on the 8th. The dwarf hops have a huge citrusy presense, but unlike amarillo, they are more orange than grapefruit. I’m sure we will have a few ratebeer ratings once it goes on.

  6. Beersmith says

    We have also recently subbed Summit for Simcoe in a batch of our IPA. Should be kegging somewhere around the 10th-12th, and we’ll definitely post our perceptions.

  7. BigWilley says

    I put “Summit IPA” on tap a week or so ago. Used 100% Summit. Dry hopped with 11lbs in a 14 Bbl batch. I like the result. As mentioned earlier it is very citrusy. Good bitterness. I also tried it in my regular pale ale but was not as impressed. It seems a little rough to me in flavor and not near as distinct or crisp as say Cascade or Centennial or even Columbus, but obviously this is all very subjective. I heard Sierra Nevada tested it out and was possibly going to mention some results at the CBC. Try it out its different and well suited for IPA’s.

  8. MikeJordan says

    Thanks for the feedback guys. A brew is in progress using this hop including some dry hopping. It should be interesting. I was somewhat surprised with the characteristic; citrus notes but some onion “stink” much like CZT.

  9. Sauce says


    I definately got the same pungent aroma, though I compared it to garlic.

    I went ahead and dry hpped with a 50/50 blend of simcoe and summit.

    Honestly I was a lil concerned with the initial flav/aroma I was getting with the IPA, so much so that I blew out a bit of the hops earlier than normal and hit it with some more traditional “c” hops.

    I probalby acted to soon, the beer turned out fairly wel. The hop profile is to me has a certain herbal spicey charcater, not sure if thats a by product of Summit though because it wasnt the only hop I used in the IPA.