New Features on Meheen

Meheen has updates features for popular machine

Meheen Manufacturing introduced some new features with the Merlin M-Series bottle filling and crowning machines.

The new machines now feature a temperature display of the actual temperature of the beer as it enters the manifold of the bottling machine. A tiny Resistive Temperature Device (RTD) is embedded in the manifold to assure fast accurate temperature readings as the beer enters the manifold. Knowing actual temperature at the machine allows the operators to make decisions about dispensing pressures and other parameters affecting filling and capping on foam.

Merlin M-Series also now incorporates a CO2 control system for the dispensing pressure of the tank being used. This system is optional and can be turned on or off by the operator and consists of a control valve on the outside of the panel that is connected to a dedicated CO2 source and the head space of the dispensing tank. With the LPC is in use, the computer reads the incoming beer pressure and the control valve reacts to accurately maintain the correct head pressure for dispensing. This system can help to eliminate the pressure drops often associated with using mechanical regulators and the associated filling issues.