New Book on Craft Distribution

“Everyone keeps telling you that you really should distribute and go big. And it’s really tempting. You think it would work…but you don’t really know anything about distribution.”

Laura Lodge of High Point Brewing Corp. is the author of a new book specifically detailing the process of gaining distribution for craft beer brands.

‘Distribution Insight’ is a resource for maximizing the potential of a craft brewery when taking that next step into finding and working with a distributor.

Laura has become familiar with all three industry tiers and many of their inherent challenges through her roles as accountant, nightly order entry/routing clerk, truck loader, delivery driver, and anything else necessary to High Point’s distribution of the Western Slope of Colorado over the scope of about 8 years. As a representative for High Point at many industry conferences and workshops, a more global impression of brewery & distribution life became apparent.

Ordering and more details here.