New BOD at BA

Brewer’s Association seats first elected board since merger

Following member elections last fall, the Brewers Association seated the first regularly elected board of directors since the merger that created the organization in January 2005.

The new officers are Steve Hindy, of Brooklyn Brewery as Board Chairperson, Rich Doyle of Harpoon Brewery as Vice Chairperson and Steve Bradt of Free State Brewing as Secretary/Treasurer.

Jim Koch of Boston Beer Co. and Brock Wagner of Saint Arnold Brewing Co. were selected to fill the two At-Large positions. Below is the complete listing of BA Board of Directors and committee chairs.

Brewers Association Board of Directors

Steve Bradt – Term expires Feb. 2008
Free State Brewing Co. (KS)

Sam Calagione – Term expires Feb. 2009
Dogfish Head Craft Brewery (DE)

Dick Cantwell – Term expires Feb. 2007
Elysian Brewing Co (WA)

Vinnie Cilurzo – Term expires Feb. 2009
Russian River Brewing Company (CA)

Richard Doyle – Term expires Feb. 2008
Harpoon Brewery (MA)

Mark Edelson – Term expires Feb. 2009
Iron Hill Brewery & Restaurant (PA)

Gary Fish – Term expires Feb. 2007
Deschutes Brewery (OR)

Ken Grossman – Term expires Feb. 2009
Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. (CA)

Stephen Hindy – Term expires Feb. 2008
Brooklyn Brewery Corp. (NY)

Kim Jordan – Term expires Feb. 2007
New Belgium Brewing Co. (CO)

Jack Joyce – Term expires Feb. 2008
Rogue Ales (WA)

Randy Mosher – Term expires Feb. 2007
American Homebrewers Association (IL)

Susan Rudd – Term expires Feb. 2008
American Homebrewers Association (ND)

At-Large Members:
Jim Koch – Term expires Feb. 2007
Boston Beer Co. (MA)

Brock Wagner – Term expires Feb. 2008
Saint Arnolds Brewing Co. (TX)

Brewers Association Committees

Executive Committee Chair
Stephen Hindy
Brooklyn Brewery Corp. (NY)

Finance Committee Chair
Steve Bradt
Free State Brewing Co. (KS)

Governance Committee Chair
Kim Jordan
New Belgium Brewing Co. (CO)

Government Affairs Committee Chair
Richard Doyle
Harpoon Brewery (MA)

Access of Market Committee Chair
Gary Fish
Deschutes Brewery (OR)

PR+Marketing Committee Chair
Vinnie Cilurzo
Russian River Brewing Company (CA)

Communications Committee Chair
(Editorial Oversight of Brewers Publications, The New Brewer, Zymurgy) Dick Cantwell Elysian Brewing Co (WA)

Technical Committee Chair
Ken Grossman
Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. (CA)

Events Committee Chair
Sam Calagione
Dogfish Head Craft Brewery (DE)