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The card game of international acquisitions is on a rampage, creating massive and complex brewing companies across the globe.

SABMiller has finalized the acquisition of Grolsch, securing its takeover of the Dutch brewer.

With the acquisition of Grolsch and the recent acquisition by Heineken of Scottish & Newcastle, SABMiller would become the world’s largest brewer, topping current leader InBev. Heineken would move up a notch to become the world’s No.3, once the S&N takeover is finalized, according to the research group Plato Logic.

The London-based SABMiller, has said it planned to expand the Grolsch brand across Africa and Latin America, where the premium beer market is still in its infancy.

The Dutch company is best known for its Grolsch premium pilsner and its green swing-top bottles, first introduced in 1897. Grolsch currently makes the bulk of its income in the Netherlands. Britain is its second-biggest market.