Network for Burned Brewers

The Burned Brewer Network: brewers burned at work

Longtime brewer Teri Fahrendorf has formed a loose network of brewers who have been burned on the job. Teri herself was severely burned in an on-the-job brewing accident. Ten years later she documented her experience at her web site. It has now been 20 years since she earned that badge of courage.

Recently a new brewer who was burned across 60 % of his body contacted Teri. His struggle to recover and his courage to overcome his fears and resume his brewing career motivated her to for the network for others in the brewing community.

“Burns from brewing have been a job hazard as long as brewing has been a profession, and unfortunately the risk seems to continue, especially at small breweries. I am not the only reluctant member of this club,” said Teri in announcing the BBN.

Corresponding with the burn victim showed Teri the need for burned brewers to network. Those brewers who have survived and thrived beyond this painful and terrifying experience, can encourage and advise those in the early stages of the lengthy recovery process.

The Burned Brewer Network is self-sustaining and self-managed through Constant Contact. Teri hopes that someday the network can become a group that focuses on burn-prevention in breweries “or a group that gathers once-a-year to compare scars!” she said.

If you are a brewer who was burned on the job, please click here and sign up as a fellow reluctant member of the Burned Brewer Network.