ND Bill to Allow Self-Distribution

A proposal to allow North Dakota brewpubs to self-distribute, which has been shot down the last few years is now being supported by beer distributors.

The bill would create a new license type that would allow brewpubs that produce up to 25,000 barrels a year to self-distribute.

The brewer taproom license would allow craft brewers to sell to licensed retailers within 150 miles of the brewery, provided the business uses its own equipment, trucks and employees to deliver the beer, and does not exceed certain limits to retailers.


  1. thatjonguy says

    The bill (SB 2284) passed the Senate with a vote of 45-2 with the amendments agreed to by brewers and distributors. Now to pass the House!

  2. thatjonguy says

    The bill was signed into law by Governor Jack Dalrymple on March 21, this was the combined effort of small brewers and distributors in the state. I would also like to thank the Brewers Association for their help with the bill.