Nano Goes ‘Official’ in NH

This just in from Kevin Bloom of the New Hampshire Brewer’s Guild;

New Hampshire Governor Lynch signed HB 262 into law June 6th, and it goes into effect on July 1st. According to Erin Glass at the Brewer’s Association, New Hampshire is the first state to recognize Nano Breweries as a separate category in the Liquor Laws.

As a result, licensing fees for any nano brewery will be $240 per year, instead of the $1200 small breweries paid previously.

The one case per customer sale limit was deleted, and nanos can sell beer on premises, albeit very small amounts—which the New Hampshire Brewer’s Guild is trying to change for next year. The requirement that breweries have a restaurant in order to sell on premises was also removed.

Kevin Bloom of the NHBG wrote the original bill, which was amended from its original version.

The bill was sponsored by Representatives Calvin Pratt and Mark Warden