Merry Xmas UK

Beer prices predicted to plummet over holiday season

Supermarket beer prices in the UK are set to fall through the floor in the run-up to Christmas, drinks industry experts believe.

They predict store giants could be selling popular lagers for as little as 30p a pint.

Supermarkets reportedly have warehouses piled high after the summer storms that pounded the UK and other parts of Europe put a big time damper to barbecues and garden parties.

Top selling drinks such as Stella Artois and Carlsberg dropped to 35p a pint last Christmas, compared to 45p in 2004.

A spokesman for brewers Fullers said: “It’s going to be a real bunfight this Christmas. People have got warehouses full of beer and they’re looking for a way to get rid if it.”

A spokesman for Stella Artois brewer InBev UK said multi-buy beer promotions will be plentiful this Christmas.

“We expect to see promotions based on purchases of two or three bulk packs rather than straight price promotions,” he said.

Lager is currently selling in most supermarkerts for between 60p and 80p a pint – way below pub prices, which can be higher than £3.00 a pint.


  1. Laughing Dog says

    as we all look at a price increase due to rising cost of goods, what fun this will be if they decide to ship it all over here instead

    Laughing Dog