Meeting of the Meads

Worlds largest mead festival to be held in Boulder, CO

The word “honeymoon” stems from honey wine and the tradition of drinking it for one full lunar cycle starting on the first night of a couples’ wedding. This ‘drink of love’ will be celebrated at the fourth annual International Mead Festival — Honey Wines of the World, to be held in Boulder on February 10-11, 2006. ().

The event is the worlds’ largest festival and competition for commercial and now home made mead entries. Close to 100 commercial meads from seven different countries are entered for judging and available for tasting by the public. New to the festival this year, the ‘home mead’ competition received over 200 entries.

Attendees can taste the selection of commercial mead and attend seminars with entrance included in the cost of their $35 ticket. Seminars on mead will cover topics including: Mead and Yeast; Commercial Meadmaking; Mead in our History and more.

“Mead is an incredibly diverse beverage and has wonderful flavor and aroma profiles. The public can taste for themselves at the festival,” says David Myers of Redstone Meadery and one of the founding board members of the International Mead Association. “We proudly remind everyone that mead is historically referred to as nectar of the gods and can stand alone or, just like grape wine and beer, complement food at the dinner table.”

The drink, arguably the world’s first fermented beverage, has been made for centuries and is popular in countries including the United Kingdom, Ethiopia, Poland, Ireland and now the United States.

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