M & A’s Continue – Durango Brewing Sells Majority Stake

The rapid pace of mergers and acquisitions of craft brewers is at “an all time high” as 2015 continues to churn out one M&A after another. The latest is Durango Brewing Co. in its namesake Colorado town.

According to an article in the Durango Times, the 25 year-old brewery has sold a majority interest in the company to a Denver-based private investor with the hopes of expanding.

It’s a common theme; craft brewery reaches a point where it is out of capacity and unable to expand within its given footprint, requiring significant capital to expand by building a larger facility. Ownership in many of these situations is ready to hand over the keys after a long hard career. There is a lot of money on the sidelines looking to jump into the fast growing industry. We are bound to see many more deals over the coming months.