Things that will ruin your day

by Jamie Martin, Brewmaster, Dells Brewing Co.

Bubbles: If you ever have just one tank that won’t cool down first thing to check is if there are air bubbles in the glycol line. I used to always forget about this and I would spend all day troubleshooting the wrong thing.

Check valves: Insure all carbonation stones and couplers have working check valves; you do not want to end up with beer in your regulators or gas lines.

Carb stones: Always check that carbonation stones work and are clog free before you put them in the tank. It becomes a big problem if you have a clogged or malfunctioning stone in a tank that is full of beer.

Deadlines schmedlines: We all have production deadlines but trying to filter beer that isn’t conditioned properly never ends well for you or the beer.

Sugar: It’s a good idea to dissolve sugar before adding it to your kettle. If you just dump sugar straight into your kettle you run the risk of it settling and burning to the bottom of the kettle.

Before starting any project or process, make sure you have everything you need to complete it. It’s never good to get halfway through before realizing you’re short a vital part or ingredient.