Bottle rinsers

Bottle rinsers are used to sanitize and remove environmental debris from bottles prior to filling. Various forms of rinsing are available with a few shown below.

Twist Rinsers use belt drives to feed the bottles into a set of rails which twist and invert the bottle over a set of spray nozzles. After rinsing, the bottle travels along a short straight inverted section that allows it to drain, then re-inverts it to return to the line right side up. Speed is determined by rail length.

Rotary Rinsers (aka Gripper Rinsers) are compact and efficient alternative the twist unit. These machines are equipped with a rotary turntable, grippers to invert, rinse and re-invert the bottle. They generally offer a much smaller footprint than the twist rinser for comparable output. They can also handle different bottle sizes part changes.

Flip-Type Rinsers are designed where floor space is at a premium. Compact in design, a Flip-Type Rinser is positioned directly above the conveyor where bottles or cans are allowed to enter a “Clamping Device” that gently grabs a cycle or group and automatically “flips” them, 180 degrees over a set of 8 to 16 stainless steel spray nozzles. Once in position, a quick burst of purified or ozonated water rinses the internal surface of the can or bottle ensuring that dust and other debris are removed prior to filling.

Once bottles or cans have been thoroughly rinsed the clamping device ‘flips” them back onto the conveyor and returns the rinsed bottles to the conveyor allowing them to move on to the filler.