Lennon Leaves Pyramid

Another industry veteran takes the helm

Pyramid Breweries announced last week that chief executive John Lennon has resigned to pursue other business interests. He was immediately replaced by Scott Barnum, a member of the Pyramid board of directors and long-time beer industry veteran.

Lennon, 51, came to Pyramid in August 2004 after a stint as president of Beck’s North America. On his watch, the company has focused on rebranding effort and moving most of its brewing from Seattle to Portland to improve efficiency.

Pyramid’s chairman, George Hancock, said in a statement that Lennon achieved his main goal of restoring sales momentum and repositioning the Pyramid brand. “John leaves us in much better shape than he found us,” Hancock said.

Barnum, 50, has been president of Cocoa Pete’s Chocolate Adventures, a premium chocolate company since 2002. Before that, he had been president of Pete’s Brewing, held senior marketing positions with Miller Brewing, and worked in brand management at PepsiCo.