Lemon Low Cal Beer?

MillerCoors to intro lemon-flavored MGD 64

MillerCoors plans to launch a lemonade-flavored version of low-calorie beer MGD 64.

Miller Genuine Draft 64, named for the number of calories it contains, got off to a rollicking start after its national rollout in 2008. But sales have slowed recently by double-digits.

MGD 64 Lemonade will be sold from May through Labor Day.

MillerCoors also will unveil a new marketing campaign for the main version of MGD 64 this year as part of an effort to strengthen the brand, England said in Friday’s memo.


  1. einhorn says

    Sounds like a take-off of German radler and/or english shandy.

    From a beer-geek standpoint a depressing product which takes up more shelf space, but through marketing eyes possibly a new and refreshing beer alternative for women.