Latrobe Introduces New Beer

Longtime Pennsylvania regional brewer Latrobe Brewing Co. is introducing a new beer. It’s called “Loyalhanna Pennsylvania Lager,” and will be introduced in June, with initial distribution in Eastern Ohio, Western Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, and New Jersey, according to the company. The new lager beer will be introduced in both draft kegs and 12-ounce bottles. Latrobe, currently owned by Interbrew’s Labatt USA, is known for its Rolling Rock and Rock Light brands. Jon Genese, director of marketing for domestic specialty brands with Labatt USA, describes Loyalhanna as “a traditional amber lager with a hint of roasted character.” Loyalhanna Pennsylvania Lager is the second specialty beer brewed at Latrobe in the recent past; last November, the brewery launched Rolling Rock Black, a black Bavarian lager, which marked the brewery’s initial effort to carve out a seasonal niche. Latrobe had marketed a black lager in 1997, under the Latrobe Bavarian Black label. The newer Rolling Rock Black’s introduction was timed to mark the Pittsburgh Steelers’ 70th season in 2002. Loyalhanna Pennsylvania Lager will be available in 12-ounce bottles, packaged using a logo of a flowing stream. “Loyalhanna” is derived from the Delaware Indian word “lawelhanna,” which means “middle river.” Loyalhanna Creek flows behind Latrobe Brewery, and is sometimes a source of water for brewing.