Is Plastic the Future?

Scientists at a nanoscience institute in Dublin, Ireland are working with SABMiller on a project to increase the shelf life of bottled beer in plastic bottles.

Plastic bottles have a relatively short shelf life, as oxygen can permeate the plastic.

Full story here.


  1. jfulton says

    Very intriguing. This “two-dimensional” technology could also potentially be used to line cans without the use of BPA, which is commonplace for beer can liners. Then again, the new technology will probably be banned by California b/c it has been shown to cause cancer in rats.:D

  2. Larry Doyle says

    The new, “improved” plastic bottle is yet another example of “better living through chemistry.” The world has been waiting anxiously for this breakthrough and now it is close at hand.

    For those naysayers who say “it gives rats cancer” I say damn the rats. Let them all get cancer. And besides, that’s what they get for drinking my beer.