Initial 2013 Craft Sales Look Huge

According to scan data from the firm IRI, craft beer sales in all major off-premise channels such as grocery, drug and big-box stores grew 19% in dollars and 17% volume in 2013. This is the first glimpse of full 2013 data, and bodes well for some rock solid industry results to be released by the Brewers Association in April.

Given the results of off-premise via scan data, estimates are that craft will show am all-segment volume increase of a whopping 16-20% and market share gaining to 7%.

In a sampling of major brands, domestic sub-premium were down 3.7% in dollar sales, Bud Light was down 2% in volume, Budweiser (all-brands) was down 3.3% in volume, Coors light up 1.6% volume and Miller Lite down 4.7% in volume.