Ingredient Labeling – It’s Back

New push to mandate nutrition and ingredient labeling on alcoholic beverages

There’s a new push to put nutrition and ingredient labels on alcoholic beverages, similar the ones already required on food and drugs.

Linda Golodner with the National Consumers League says research shows 90-percent of consumers want more information about alcohol.

“We have nutrition facts on food, we have facts of over the counter-drugs, drug facts on over-the-counter drugs, and we think it’s time that alcoholic beverages also had a alcoholic facts label,” Golodner said.

That’s why the government is gathering public opinion about what specific types of information labels should include.

“You will see very shortly a temporary rule will be going out requiring the disclosure of allergens on alcoholic beverages,” John Manfreda, of the Alcohol and Tobacco, Tax & Trade Bureau, said.

“We think that alcoholic beverage companies should voluntarily put that information on now,” Golodner said.

This isn’t the first time that the government has looked into alcohol labels. The idea first came up in 1972.