Industry Tallies Toll on Craft Brewers

As the situation begins to stabilize in the Gulf Coast region after Hurricane Katrina, the brewing industry has begun to inquire about the health and safety of our brethren in the region.

ProBrewer has received many emails from site users questioning the whereabouts of various brewery staff and conditions of the breweries in the region.

The Brewer’s Association in Boulder Colorado also has received many inquiries as well and has begun posting updates on the association’s online Forum.

There are eighteen craft brewers in the region.

For a complete list of current information of on each of the breweries in the affected area, please see the ProBrewer Interactive News section at:

We will continue to add updates as we receive them.

If you know of the whereabouts of any industry members from the region or the condition of any of the breweries, please contact me directly ( and I will forward to the BA.

Thanks to Pete Johnson at the BA for sharing this important information with us.