Industry Loses a Gem

Anyone, and I mean anyone who has been to the GABF or a CBC knows the familiar face, and familiar smile and laugh of Danny Williams. Danny passed away on Monday night – a very personal loss to our industry.

He died peacefully in his sleep from cancer at age 52.

Danny worked for the Brewers Association as the cellar master for the Great American Beer Festival for more than a decade and handled all the beer at the CBC. He was also known, of course, for the beer cellar at his home outside of Boulder – an old underground gold mine packed with over 3000 beers neatly organized.

He is survived by two sons and a daughter.

One of Danny’s sons, who works at Southern Sun Pub & Brewery, is making an effort to assume the mortgage on the United Empire Gold Mines property which was Danny’s home.

Danny will never ever be forgotten. His kind and gentle demeanor always struck me. If there is beer in afterlife – Danny will find it.

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