Huge Tax Increase proposed in Oregon

Proposal would increase excise tax on beer by 1,900%

Oregon state lawmakers have proposed a 1,900% increase in the state’s tax on beer — an increase that opponents are calling the single largest beer tax hike in the nation’s history.

The plan would increase the current excise tax on beer in Oregon from $2.60 per barrel to $49.61 per barrel which could amount to an increase of $2 – $4 per six-pack.

The bill’s language defends the tax by arguing alcoholism and “untreated substance abuse” costs the state $4.15 billion in lost earnings as well as more than $8 million for health care and nearly $1 billion in law enforcement-related expenditures. Oregon ranks 49th among states in its malt beverage taxation rate, which has not been raised in 32 years, according to HB 2461 which was introduced by Ben Cannon, D-Portland.

Brewers say Oregon’s low beverage taxation rate is what makes the state such an attractive place for crafting beers. The state’s brewery guild claims it would also amount to the single largest beer tax hike in the nation’s history. Oregon ranks next to last among states in its malt beverage taxation rate which hasn’t been raised since the 1970s.

Go to the Oregon Brewers Guild web site at for moiré information and how to help the craft brewers of Oregon fight this tax increase.


  1. Laughing Dog says

    Idaho Currently pays $4.65 per BBL and has a proposale to raise it to $16.12 per BBl, the per bbl rate is kinda hokey in the new proposal as it really is going to be a % of the wholesale cost, ergo the more the beer cost the more tax will be charged.
    Go to for more info

    Fred Colby
    Laughing Dog

  2. Sulfur says

    Good luck in the fight. Just to make you feel better, we pay about 67$ in tax for every barrel we transfer to our BBT/Dispense tanks! I don’t know who has the highest taxes…but that’s got to be up there.

  3. South County says

    Hold on to your hats folks!!!! From income to beer the “new ” government that we are under wants to take it. New York is under “attack” from new suggested income tax hike, 8 million people live there and about 40,000 pay the taxes and the Gov. wants to tax them more, sickening! In any event Im sure the BA and folks like Rogue will be all over this for the State of Oregon.

    Gotta love Socialism!

  4. Scott M says

    Not sound logic!! The brewing industry in Oregon is an employer and tax payer. Raise the tax and some small, struggling breweries and brewpubs will close. Others that had planned to open, won’t. BTW, watch for layoffs in the brewing industry in Oregon if this happens. Just plain dumb!!

    How about you drop the free alcohol treatment programs, make those who are responsible for alcohol related crime, Responsible, and stop trying to regulate business out of existence!!

    Off my soap box! 😡

  5. DesertWort says

    Throw Arizona on the pile… 1900% tax increase proposal just filed, preliminary hearing Monday, 2:00 pm (Papazian has articles on Az., Or. bills on Beer Examiner web.

    2:00pm, room HHR1.
    Bill sponsored by Tom Chabin (D) District 2, Bill Konopnicki (R) District 5, Carolyn S. Allen (R) District 8, Albert Hale (D) District 2