How to subscribe to ProBrewer News

You can now subscribe to ProBrewer Interactive News.

You can subscribe to any one or more of the eight ProBrewer News categories. Each time a new story is posted, you will be notified by email. Simply click on the link provided in the email, and the news story will open in your browser.

For instructions on how to subscribe go to:

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  1. lijah says

    please if you could post for all of us in this industry . I am saddened to say my mentor and great freind jim patton (founder of abita brewing company has passed on ) there are so many of us that are who we are becouse of him . if you can write something special for him and maybe allow all of us to be able to post our love for him i would greatly apreciate it –

    he was a great legend in the industry-please recognise him as so

    SADLY -your freind lijah F.