Hoegaarden N/A

InBev to test market Non-alcoholic Hoegaarden in home turf

InBev Belgium will soon roll out Hoegaarden 0.0, a new alcohol-free product.

Named after the classic wheat Hoegaarden, 0.0 is InBev-ish stylish, with a design centered around a Gothic rendition of “0.0” that looks like two ghost eyes, printed on a light yellow can with white wheat germs.

Carlos Brito, AB InBev CEO said in a press conference, the point of a big beer company is to offer brands for all tastes, or, as he put it, “you want a portfolio [of drinks] that allows consumers to stay within your franchise.”

“Some beverages, like water, and soft drinks,” are doing better than beer, Mr. Brito said.

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