Historic Deal is Near

Colossal, Megabrew, BrewTitan. The single biggest event to occur in the beer industry since the repeal of Prohibition. Call what you want, but it now looks almost certain that the biggest brewery merger ever (by far!!) is about to go down.
As many in the industry are gathered in Las Vegas for the annual NBWA conference, news struck that SAB Miller was seriously considering at a $106 billion dollar offer from ABInBev. It was reported that the SABMiller board was unanimously recommending, making the merger of the two almost certain.
If it goes through, it will not only make this an historic deal in the global brewing industry, it will be one of the biggest corporate mergers of any kind.
ABI will definitely have to divest in MillerCoors here in the US meaning that the deal will have little impact in the US. Or will it? There is still a lot to play out and the industry will be watching and talking about this for years to come.