Happy New Year!

A dramatic year in the beer industry

Not only was 2008 an epic year for the country, it was perhaps the most dramatic year in the beer business since the repeal of prohibition.

I’ll spare you any “year in review” – all you need to do is scroll through the ProBrewer headlines for that. But I will say this; with the mergers of the top three major brewers, global consolidation, the increased threat on beer taxes, distributor consolidation and the sharp spike in the cost of doing business for craft brewers – what a year!

And now it’s over.

We’ll have more on these pages about what to expect in 2009. But in the meantime, a very Happy and Prosperous New Year to all!!


  1. AlexisScarlett says

    so something like:
    May you have the gratitude for all your blessings
    The strength for all your opportunities
    The courage for all your temptations

    and the frickin sense to know the difference

    Oh yeah– thanks probrewer! Love you

  2. Butcher Scott says

    An appropriate thread for me to say thanks to probrewer and all it’s posters for all the help I’ve gotten in my time here. 2008 brought the opening of my brewpub, which definitely could not have happened without this forum.

    Cheers and may 2009 be the best year yet!