Green Flash Brewing, ReaperAle Form Strategic Alliance

Green Flash Brewing, Inc. and ReaperAle, Inc. have announced the formation of a comprehensive strategic alliance. Beginning immediately, Green Flash, Inc., brewer and marketer of Green Flash Brewing Co. beers, will produce and market the full range of ReaperAle beers. The alliance will bring together products that complement rather than overlap. Green Flash is known for microbrews that fit the laid-back Southern California lifestyle, while ReaperAle makes intense, high-octane ales with a macabre and humorous Grim Reaper theme. To facilitate the production of the ReaperAle products, Green Flash has invested in additional fermentation capacity and adapted their existing bottling line to fill both 12 oz. and 22 oz. bottles. The new capacity and capabilities will allow both companies to expand their respective product offerings and continue to grow strongly.