Goodbye Twist at Sierra

New crown technology uses ‘pry-off’ for less air infusion

Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. has began using new barrier crown technology that helps keep beer fresher by blocking oxygen ingress longer without using oxygen-absorbing compounds.

The new pry-off crown offers an increased oxygen barrier due to its density and oxygen barrier properties.

“We are always looking for new ways to ensure our beer reaches our drinkers as fresh as possible,” said brewery founder Ken Grossman. “It took a lot for us to give up the convenience of our twist-off cap. But we’ve researched and tested oxygen ingress through crown lining material since 1991 and continued until we found a new material that substantially reduced it.”

“We are one of the few brewers in the world who go to the trouble and expense of using nothing but whole cone hops, and hops are one of the first things to lose flavor when oxygen hits the beer,” said Grossman. “If the beer doesn’t reach the consumer in the freshest state possible, all of our time and efforts are wasted.”