GABF Registration is Open

Deadline to register is June 18th.

The Brewery Registration for the 2010 Great American Beer Festival is now open.

To participate in this year’s GABF go here to register your brewery and beers.

The deadline for registration is NEXT FRIDAY, June 18th, 2010. All entries must be entered online, faxed to 303-565-5710, or postmarked by June 18th (registering online will save you $20 on registration).

If you have any questions about registration, please get in touch with Chris Williams at the Brewers Association at [email][/email]


  1. Sulfur says

    It is indeed open. But not to Puerto Rico. I’ve been trying to enter our beers into this years GABF since February! This has reached the highest levels within the BA and they will consider it this month at their board meeting. However, should they decide to let us in, it will only apply as of 2011. I’m disappointed that it will take so long (1.5 years for me to be able to enter, and maybe at that!!) Their original argument was that we are not part of the United States, after a long series of emails and grass roots letters from our supporters including our Secretary of State, they are now entertaining the motion of allowing us – Puerto Rico to enter. In the meantime all of you who can enter, good luck!