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Check Beer, “the only American beer created just for women”

Chick Beer, a new beer contract brewed out “southern Wisconsin* is not the first beer brand to target women, but perhaps the first to do so overtly and shamelessly.

Their web site proclaims, “Chick is a craft-brewed light beer that doesn’t taste like a light beer. It has just 97 calories and 3.5 carbs. The taste is soft, smooth and full-bodied. It’s the taste that most women prefer.”

Oddly, the web site (which complains that “for centuries, beer has been created, produced and marketed by and to men”), doesn’t indicate if this company is owned by men, women or both (or neither).

Good luck.

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  1. einhorn says

    But it’s in a brown bottle, which reeks of testosterone.

    I guess there was at least one guy in the marketing group that created this.

  2. Scott M says

    I guess I don’t understand limiting your market with this kind of promotion. If this was InBev, I could see where they would want to try and reach out to non-beer drinking women with a product like this. If the promotion failed, they (InBev) are not going to lose any maket share beccause of it.

  3. jesskidden says

    Capt. Bob wrote: Here’s the first beer targeted to women.

    Here’s another one, that predates that example by about a half century or so.

    Southern Select Superlite Beer

    And that’s by no means the only one, nor would I venture a guess what beer was the first.

  4. Brewtopian says

    We just started stocking Chick Beer for one simple reason. When a guy comes in and ask for a “light beer” we hand him a bottle of Chick Beer.

  5. Harvester says

    I am not a chick and I love Girl Beer from Boneyard and order it without the least bit of embarrassment