From Jamaica – Not

Diageo is moving production of the U.S. supply of its Red Stripe beer from Jamaica to the U.S. starting next year.

The company said Wednesday that contract brewer City Brewing Co. will be responsible for producing the U.S. supply of Red Stripe. City Brewing is based in Latrobe, Pa.

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  1. Tlangle1 says

    einhorn wrote: Saves money, kills the brand. Boardroom decisions.

    Not if Guiness and Foster’s are any indication.
    Seems most of the consumers don’t know when this happens, & the Brand Managers certainly try to be as opaque and obfuscating as possible about these things. At some point in the brand lifecycle with consumers, origin and terroir become meaningless to them. That’s the power of branding, works like celebrity. Just because you lie about everything, doesn’t mean you can’t be a popular celebrity.
    Let’s hope it’s good for City and causes them to hire some workers.
    Let’s hope it’s good for US Barley Growers and Hop growers and suppliers. US based btl. manufacturing, etc.