Fat Cans Coming

New Belgium rolling out Fat Tire in cans this summer

If you haven’t already heard, that fairly well-known beer called Fat Tire will soon be in cans.

New Belgium Brewing’s new canning line rolled off its first aluminum cans of Fat Tire Amber Ale yesterday.

“We are looking forward to introducing our old friend, Fat Tire, in a brand new package,” said Bryan Simpson, spokesperson for New Belgium, in a statement. “As we fire up the line for our initial runs, we are celebrating the new adventures of Fat Tire.”

Distributing cans will continue to help lessen New Belgium’s footprint by saving fuel during transport to other states by lightening the weight of the trucks. New Belgium has begun this process by using biodiesel in its Ft. Collins distribution trucks and in the trucks used during the Tour de Fat traveling events.

The cans, which are 100% recyclable, will feature Fat Tire’s original watercolor artwork.

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  1. einhorn says

    Has anyone heard of the progress of Fat Tire in cans? Is it going according to expectations? Too early to tell??

  2. GlacierBrewing says

    These things just arrived in our local market and, according to the delivery guy, they are being warmly received but don’t seem to be “dominating the can market”.
    I still have warm memories of getting my homebrew bomber bottles from the “old” New Belgium in the train depot, now to see ’em in cans!?! UP IS DOWN! LEFT IS RIGHT! DARK IS LIGHT!!!!

  3. beerclean says

    Oscar Blue has a few products in Cans.

    Dales Pale Ale
    Old Chub

    they seem like they are doing well… at least thats the vibe I got from the local distro in AZ a few weekends back.

  4. ericbhuber says

    We brew A LOT of beer at Oskar Blues and ALL of it in cans. It really is the perfect package and the sucess of our products attests to that. Cheers to New Belgium for believing in what we have known for a while.
    With GABF coming up here in a few weeks, we welcome anyone to come on up to either our brewpub in Lyons or our new production facility in Longmont and see for yourselves… or check out oskarblues.com