Fat Cans

New Belgium to can Fat Tire

New Belgium Brewing has announced that it will be packaging and distributing its flagship Fat Tire Amber Ale in aluminum cans to limited markets this summer.

“Introducing cans was a natural choice given that they are outdoor-friendly, light for transport and readily recyclable,” said Bryan Simpson, spokesperson for New Belgium. “In addition to the lighter carbon footprint, Fat Tire can now travel to places where glass is not an option.”

Distributing cans will continue to help lessen New Belgium’s footprint by saving fuel during transport to other states by lightening the weight of the trucks. New Belgium has begun this process by using biodiesel in its Ft. Collins distribution trucks and in the trucks used during the Tour de Fat traveling events.

The cans, which are 100% recyclable, will feature Fat Tire’s original watercolor artwork.


  1. einhorn says

    This move will be very interesting in more ways than one. I personally have always touted the advantages of alu-cans (transportation, can lines move at 100,000/hour, 100% recyclable, etc.) but I do not believe that the consumer will “buy it” – cans are just non-craft suggesting. They are mixing up the marketing similar to Bud’s “Craft-Brews”.

    We shall see how this pans out – if it works, then MANY large crafters and BMC’s quasi-crafts will surely follow. I doubt it, though, otherwise BMC would have already made the move…