Exports Up

Craft beer exports continue to grow – up 25% last year

The Brewers Association reports that craft beer exports increased by 25 percent in 2008.

Europe (the largest export market for American craft beers) shipments rose 16% by volume with gains in Scandinavia and the UK. In Japan, American craft beer exports grew by 51% while exports elsewhere in Asia grew by 53%, driven largely by gains in China and the Philippines. Exports to Canada rose by 78%.

Brett Joyce of Rogue Ales, one of the leading exporters of American craft beer pointed out that for all American craft brewers, “The 25% growth in American craft breweries’ exports in 2008 is clear proof that beer drinkers throughout the world are discovering the quality, creativity, and diversity of U.S. craft beers.”

Through its Export Development Program the Brewers Association has been helping promote its members’ beer in Scandinavia, the Netherlands, Italy, the United Kingdom, Germany, Canada, China, Japan, the Philippines and Australia. Inquiries are received from many other countries interested in importing American craft beer. It takes many years to establish an infrastructure and gather information that helps enable expansion of exports to additional countries.