Enzyme Magic

New product helps brewers solve fermentation issues

To help professional brewers solve common yet vexing problems, White Labs Pure Yeast and Fermentation has introduced a new line of fermentation enzymes, using technology from DSM Food Specialties.

White Labs’ new enzymes helps brewers to break through the unforeseen roadblocks and SNAFUs common to commercial brewing.

The enzymes can help with the following:
• Prevent chill haze during beer storage
• Prevent clogging of filters and heat exchangers
• Eliminate residual sugars, both for production of low calorie beers AND extra high-alcohol beers
• Improve yield of fermentable extract (to improve brewhouse capacity)
• Improve extract yield—especially when using adjuncts in the mash

In liquid form, the various enzymes improve fermentation performance in unique ways at different stages (in the mash, prior to fermentation or during maturation)—according to the targeted result desired by the brewer.


  1. nohandslance says

    Thanks Admin for the post, This is great news for you brewers that want to ‘dabble’ into the Gluten free market, with very little malted gluten free grains available on the market this might be a way to use raw grains and have the magic of industrial enzymes give you the opportunity to make a special product.
    Good luck, look forward to tasting some offerings.

    Rebel Malting Co.
    Reno, Nevada USA