A-B gets serious about online age checks before launching Bud TV

Anheuser-Busch plans to use an outside firm to keep underage visitors from visiting its web sites.

Many brewers, distillers and winemakers currently use an honor system to keep teens from visiting their sites. Visitors are asked to enter a birth date to enter, but the information is never verified.

Tony Ponturo, Anheuser-Busch’s vice president of global media and sports marketing, said the company decided to change its policy before launching Bud.TV in February. The site will stream beer-themed shows, sports events and musical acts 24 hours a day.

The screening process likely will ask visitors for a name, age and address, including zip code, Ponturo said. The data can be matched against public records such as driver’s licenses and voter registration cards.

Verified would then receive a password that would let them enter any Anheuser-Busch site.

Ponturo said he’s in the final stages of choosing the screening company.


  1. Beer Guy says

    How can they verifiy your details if you are not part of the local system. Such as being offshore to US soil?

    Great waste of resources though. Nothing like a coporate multi nationals getting dragged around the nose by lawyers and puritanical legislators in the name of protecting the poor unfortunate and innocent under age people.

    Old enough to die for your country but you can’t buy a beer.

    Vote Beer

  2. mjbennett says

    Valleybrew wrote: Sounds like an amazing waste of internet bandwidth and personal time.

    Not to mention an immense invasion of privacy. IIRC, driver’s license records are private in Oregon. Not sure about voter registries.

  3. Valleybrew says

    Beer Guy wrote:
    Old enough to die for your country but you can’t buy a beer.

    Vote Beer

    Worse than that…Old enough to die for your country, but you can’t READ about beer…. 😮 😮 😮

  4. Tlangle1 says

    Not only is privacy of the info an issue, but does anyone think for one moment that passwords won’t be shared with those unable to obtain them via registry.
    Were none of these folks ever teenagers?

  5. Beer Guy says

    Kind of a bit like prohibition. Will I go down to my local internet speakeasy ?

    When will legislators and the man ever learn. You ban it, you can’t prevent it you just drive it underground and attach a mystique that is 100% the best way to get the hormone fuelled excess fire of rebellion up and burning.

    It’s not that dangerous really if you think about it they won’t get too much information about beer from AB. 🙂

    Maybe there is no AB, maybe it’s a carefully orchastrated front for a rogue element of the US Government, so they can access records of beer drinkers and soon to be beer drinkers and therfore are better enabled to augment beers with mind control drugs. through a better understanding of the demographic 😮 😮 😮