Draught Course Offered

Siebel and MillerCoors offer comprehensive draught training class in Golden

Siebel Institute of Technology will be offering a Draught Beer Technical Skills Course hosted and presented at the MillerCoors Brewing Draught Training Center in Golden, Colorado. The course is a 4 day class studying the science of draught beer technology.

The MillerCoors Draught Training Center, located in Golden in the heart of the world’s single largest brewing plant, features an extensive range of hands-on dispense training systems, stations and equipment integrated with a multi-media presentation environment, all dedicated exclusively to educating and training beer industry personnel on the science and art of draught beer dispense.

The Draught Beer Technical Skills Course blends theoretical fundamentals of dispense with “hands-on” practical application using a wide range of brand kegs. Simple mechanics, physics, fluid dynamics, chemistry, microbiology, draught beer math and basic customer skills form the core of the curriculum. Highlights of the 4-Day Basic Program include:

– Understanding & Training on all Styles & Brands of Beer & Dispense Systems
– Emphasis on Craft, Import & Specialty Dispense
– Student Option to Utilize their Preferred Brand of Keg throughout the Workshop
– Beer Line, Pressure & System Cooling Design & Installation
– Special Event Dispense
– Evaluating, Modifying & Maintaining Existing Dispense Systems
– Troubleshooting & Resolving Dispense Problems
– Understanding & Using the 2009 Brewers Association Draught Beer Quality Manual
– Draught Business Practices in the Brewery-Distributor-Retail-Allied Supply Chain

For registration details, tuition and more information on the Siebel Draught Programs, you can download the information package in PDF format at http://www.beercountry.net/draughtinfo.pdf or contact Keith Lemcke at [email]klemcke@siebelinstitute.com[/email] .