Diageo Jumps in to Craft Category

The red hot craft beer industry is sucking in the global beer giants, venture capital and any investor chasing a buck. It was only a matter of time that Diageo, one of the world’s largest alcohol beverage companies with brands that include Johnnie Walker, Crown Royal, Smirnoff, Baileys and Guinness would jump in too.

Diageo has created a “craft beer” called Thump Keg Brewing Co. The press release statement says that “although the Thump Keg line of beers does not contain distilled spirits, it is the use of the same “mash” bill or grain recipes from the spirits products that inspires each of the beers in the Thump Keg line.”

“We were looking to create something that would celebrate the best flavors of beer and spirits, and I think our Thump Keg beers really do the trick,” said Thump Keg Brewing Co. Ace of Brewers, Elizabeth Rhoades. “So much personality went into the brewing process and our selection of the spirits that formed the inspiration for Thump Keg™ Brewing Co. beers, and I think that will resonate with those adventurous enough to taste such a unique collaboration.”

“More than ever, adult beer and spirits drinkers are looking to try new and undiscovered experiences,” said Thump Keg™ Brewing Co. Innovation & Brand Director Jody Samuels Ike. “This enthusiasm for exploration is what helped inspire a unique product that is a true collaboration between the flavors of spirits and beer. From different styles to new drinking rituals, Thump Keg™ Brewing Co. provides adult beer drinkers new ways to enjoy beer responsibly by blending the refreshing-tasting character of beer with the flavor complexity inspired by award-winning spirits.”

The statement did not mention where the beer was being brewed.