Deschutes Hires MC Sales Exec

Deschutes Brewery has hired Jeff Billingsley as its new marketing director. Billingsley, who has worked in the beverage and beer industry for the last 18 years, will oversee all the company’s marketing functions, including product promotions, packaging, events, advertising, digital media and more. Billingsley brings extensive experience in beer brand management and field marketing to his new position.

“Jeff brings solid experience to help lead our marketing team as we continue to grow,” said Michael LaLonde, COO for the company. “His understanding of marketing new products, from the research phase all the way to point-of-sale, complements our sales and marketing efforts at Deschutes.”

Billingsley, who will be based at the Deschutes Brewery headquarters in Bend, Oregon, is relocating from Chicago where he’s spent the last several years in brand management positions within MillerCoors.

“In the craft beer industry, people are passionate about what they do. That passion, along with the opportunity to help take the fifth largest craft brewery to the next level, is why I am looking forward to joining the team,” said Billingsley.

Prior to MillerCoors, Billingsley was with Coors Brewing Company in both field marketing and branding roles. Over his career he has managed nearly every aspect of product branding and bringing brands to market, including market research, packaging, merchandising and ongoing promotional programs. He holds a bachelor of science from Arizona State University. An avid mountain biker, cyclist, skier and fly fisherman, Billingsley is looking forward to relocating to the outdoor recreational mecca of Bend, where he has often visited family in the past.


  1. Brewtopian says

    So is this the guy that we hold accountable for the absolute lack of real innovation from MillerCoors? When a brand’s sole contribution to the industry is new ways to put a product in a package (Vortex bottle, bottles with labels that change color, aluminum bottles, cans that have a built in shotgun function etc.) and no attempt to create new, better or interesting products then they are essentially in a death spiral.

    I hope that this doesn’t signal Deschutes’ going down the road of some of the other craft brands that tried to move towards a more mainstream approach. Up to this point Deschutes has been a pretty solid innovator and has put out some solid beers so I’m not too worried.

    I just can’t understand why any business owner would hire someone with a track record of mediocrity. The big three’s approach to marketing has always been, how do we become the official beer of the NFL, NBA, MLB, NASCAR, NHL, etc, drop tons of cash on crappy tv ads about that, put out a new package that touts that then repeat. There hasn’t been a single marketing innovation from Bud or MillerCoors in the last 15 years or more. Deschutes would have been better served by saving the money they’re paying this guy and investing in more in market sales and support.