Denver to Keep Molson Coors HQ

But headquarters for new Coors Miller JV still in question

Denver will retain its Molson Coors Brewing Co. headquarters regardless of relocations that may occur from Coors’ pending joint venture with Miller Brewing, officials of Molson Coors said Thursday.

Molson Coors has a downtown Denver headquarters where the majority of the 100 employees who run the beer holding company work. The firm also has a co-headquarters in Montreal.

Molson Coors and London-based SABMiller agreed last year to merge the U.S. operations of Coors and Miller. The deal is awaiting approval by the U.S. Department of Justice.

Molson Coors chief executive Leo Kiely said no decisions have been made about where Coors and Miller will locate key top executives of the joint venture. Kiely will become CEO of the merged operation, vacating his Molson Coors position.

Kiely spoke about the merger after Thursday’s annual meeting of Molson Coors. He said Coors and Miller “need to pull a relatively small team of leadership together someplace.”

Whether the combined headquarters of Miller and Coors will be in Miller’s home of Milwaukee, Coors Brewing’s base in Golden or a third city, Denver will retain its Molson Coors headquarters, Molson Coors spokeswoman Kabira Hatland said.

“Molson Coors will continue to be headquartered in Denver and Montreal. (There is) no change there,” Hatland said.