Craft Sales Slow

Latest IRI scan data indicate yet again that craft beer sales are beginning to slow as expected.

As the category get larger with a bigger and bigger base, most industry analysts have predicted a gradual slowing rate in sales going forward. According to IRI, craft volume sales in multi-channel outlets are up 6.2% year-to-date through June 12. Dollar sales were up 9.6%.

Craft beer volume sales were up 17% this time last year.

It is expected that craft sales will maintain a mid-single digit growth through the year. With a few notable exceptions, the larger craft breweries are beginning to show a more typical and moderate rate of growth, which drags down the category as a whole.


  1. Todd Hicks says

    “Craft Sales Slow” is a misleading and incorrect headline.

    Properly it should state “Craft Sales Growth Slows”.