Craft Distributor Expands

Carolina Craft Distributing acquires Chavon Distributing

Even in the realm of small independent craft distributors, consolidation is taking place.

Carolina Craft Distributing of Rock Hill, South Carolina has announced its expansion with the purchase of Chavon Distributing in Charleston.

“We wanted to penetrate the market with more depth while enabling the distribution of unique products throughout South Carolina by building a stronger foothold,” said Jeff LeVine, president and owner of Carolina Craft. “Chavon’s extensive list of excellent choices of craft beers and fine wines such as Belhaven, Weihenstephan, Sea Dog, Shipyard and Old Speckled Hen, will provide South Carolina consumers with an immense selection to choose from.”

“Chavon Distributing’s customer service and passion for the business was concurrent with ours. Our friendship and mutual respect allowed this to happen,” said LeVine. “We are thrilled to be able to make this purchase and acquire Jason Younce from Chavon as our Coastal On-Premise Manager. We look forward to pressing on with Carolina Craft Distributing to become the Grand Cru of the Carolinas.”