Craft Brewers Make ‘Power 20’ List

Beer Business Daily’s “unscientific but indicative poll” takes a look at who beer industry insiders think are the most powerful 20 people in the industry.

Harry Schuhmacher, publisher of BBD, noted in his daily online column that “since we started this (poll), the list has changed more this time than in any other time. For one thing, we have many more wholesalers and craft brewers on the list.

Last time the poll was taken, there were no craft brewers on the list.

Craig Purser, this year’s most powerful person in the U.S. beer industry, wasn’t on the last year either.

Schuhmacher added that “the shakeup of the list is indicative of the tremendous change we’ve seen in this business recently.”

BBD’s PowerNet 20 List:

1. Craig Purser – President, National Beer Wholesalers Association
2. August A. Busch IV – President, Anheuser-Busch Companies (4)
3. Bill Hackett, president, Crown Imports
4. Norman Adami, president, Miller Americas (2)
5. Frits van Paasschen, president, Coors Brewing Co.
6. Tom Long, president, Miller Brewing Co.
7. Andy Thomas, president, Heineken USA
8. Jim Koch, founder, Boston Beer Co.
9. Kim Jordan, president, New Belgium Brewing Co.
10. Jeff Becker, president, the Beer Institute (17)
11. Doug Corbett, president, InBev USA
12. Tom Cardella, exec vp sales and distrib., Miller Brewing Co.
13. Charlie Papazian, president, The Brewers Association
14. The Reyes brothers, Reyes Holdings (7)
15. Ed McBrien, chief revenue officer, Coors Brewing Co.
16. Bob Lachky, exec vp global development, Anheuser-Busch, Inc.
17. The Hallam brothers, Ben E. Keith Co. (12)
18. Simon Bergson, president, Manhattan Beer Co.
19. David Casinelli, exec vp, Yuengling
20. Judge Marsha Pechman