Craft Beer Profitability – The Video!

Stone Brewing releases video to promote profitability to retailers

Stone Brewing is on the verge of launching an important mini-campaign. The goal of the campaign is to help restaurant and bar owners understand why it is in their best interest to offer great beer choices.

The video is called “Craft Beer Profitability” and it lays out the business case for selling craft beer. It is intended to be a valuable tool in educating restaurant and bar owners about the benefits of selling craft beer.

The folks at Stone as you to watch the video and feel free to write about it here; applaud it, criticize it, or ask your audience what they think. If you have any feedback, please post it here. Stone Brewing is looking for feedback from the pros – you. They want to make this a razor sharp tool for everyone in the craft brewing industry, so your support and voice is especially important to them.


  1. BrandonH says

    They said the video can be used for promoting craft beer. The only request they have is that you don’t edit the video in any way.