Craft Beer Distributor Award

The National Beer Wholesalers Association and the Brewers Association are seeking nominations for the 3rd Annual Craft Beer Distributor of the Year Award. The Craft Beer Distributor of the Year Award is presented annually to a beer distributor who actively markets, sells and promotes craft beer. The award also recognizes the important partnership between craft brewers and beer distributors in showcasing the tremendous choice and variety of beer provided to American consumers especially the dynamic beers from the craft beer segment.

Nominations must be submitted by 5:00 p.m. on July 31, 2009.

This year’s award will be presented at the Great American Beer Festival, hosted by BA September 24-26, in Denver, Colorado.

Beer distributors and craft brewers can nominate any distributor they believe is deserving of the award. For entry rules and nomination forms, go to:

“Craft beer has generated an unprecedented level of excitement among American consumers about the array of types, styles and flavors beer offers,” said NBWA President Craig Purser. “It’s hard to name another industry that has experienced the tremendous growth that craft beer has over the past several years. Beer distributors take great pride in selling and serving as the vehicle to market for these unique brands and in providing unparalleled choice and variety to consumers.”

Brewers Association President Charlie Papazian applauds beer distributors for working with small brewers to give craft beers a presence in the marketplace. “Without America’s beer distributors, we wouldn’t be seeing the enthusiasm for such a range of American beer,” said Papazian. “This award recognizes the extra efforts beer distributors are making to ensure craft brews are available on the same store shelves and bar taps as national or multinational brands.”