Coors May Sell Brewery

Wisconsin-based City Brewery may buy Memphis plant

Molson Coors is in talks to sell its Memphis brewery to Wisconsin-based City Brewery.

Coors announced plans to close the site as part of a series of cost cuts after the merger with Molson.

City Brewery was reportedly doing due diligence on the Memphis plant including a labor agreement with local unions, before completing the acquisition.

City Brewery produces under license a variety of energy drinks, including the Hansen-owned Monster, as well as Diageo’s flagship RTD Smirnoff Ice.


  1. gitchegumee says

    To the best of my knowledge, the Coors plant in Tennessee is a rectification/packaging plant only. High gravity beer is shipped by rail from Colorado. There is no brewery at this location.

  2. gitchegumee says

    My mistake, I was thinking of their Shenandoah facility. I need to get out more!

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