Coors Adopts New Ad Eye

Coors Brewing Company announced that they will adopt the independent third party advertising review process recently agreed to by members of the Beer Institute.

Coors’ has had its Advertising Complaint Evaluation (ACE) Process in place since 2002, but the company said in a statement today that it will discontinue it and adopt the Beer Institute’s new system beginning January 1st. Although the ACE Process has been very effective, the company said, it believes that it is important for the industry to have a unified system and for consumers to have a single, consistent entity to address their concerns.

“It’s rewarding and satisfying for us to see the beer industry adopt a third party review system, because we’ve been strong advocates of this for years,” said Frits van Paasschen, president and CEO of Coors Brewing Company. “In fact, we were the first major brewer to implement an independent third party system in 2002. The result has been an objective process that works for Coors and our consumers.”

A third party review system is a process by which consumers who believe that an advertisement is inconsistent with the industry’s marketing code can request review by an independent panel. Coors reviews all brand advertising and marketing materials to ensure that they are consistent with the Coors’ Pledge, the company’s advertising and marketing guidelines, the brewer said.