Chicago Distributors Settle

The Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) announced the acceptance of Offers-in-Compromise from 10 wholesalers in the Chicago, IL. market area for violations of the Federal Alcohol Administration Act.

Last year, the Trade Investigation Division of TTB completed a three year investigation of alleged trade practice violations in the Chicago market area. The government alleged that the10 wholesaler/importers violated the conditions of their basic permits by furnishing or giving money or other things of value to a retailer, Skyline Marketing, Inc. and/or Sam’s Wine & Spirits, Inc., and/or paying or crediting the retailer for advertising and/or preferred shelf space. Offers-in-Compromise totaling $803,000 were accepted by TTB to settle the alleged violations.

The following distributors paid fines;
Wirtz Corporationdba Judge & Dolph, Ltd $130,000
Vin Divino, Ltd. $30,000
Johnson Brothers Liquor Company of Illinois $40,000
Wein-Bauer Distributing, Inc. $3,000
Glazer’s Distributors of Illinois, Inc. $225,000
Shaw-Ross International Importers $10,000
Southern Wine & Spirits of Illinois, Inc. $225,000
Distinctive Wine & Spirits, LLC $110,000
Stoller Wholesale Wine & Spirits, Inc. $18,000
Fine Vines, LLC $12,000