Celis to Brew Again in US

Belgium brewer reportedly to return to Austin area

According to an article in the San Antonio Express-News, Pierre Celis, founder of the former Celis Brewing Company in Austin, Texas, will return once again to the Austin area and partner with an existing brewery to brew beer.

The article cited Celis’ daughter, who had been involved with the previous brewery and who still lives in Austin. She would not revel which brewery was slated to work with the family or the nature of the partnership.

The Celis beers were well known by beer enthusiasts in the early 1990’s. Celis White in particular was a renowned wit style beer. Miller Brewing Company bought the brewery from the Celis family and shut the company down a few years later. The brand name was sold to and is currently brewed by Michigan Brewing Company.

Celis is well known in the international brewing scene, having revived the Hoegaarden brewery in Belgium and re-popularizing the witbier style.